Grimm the TV Series- The Final Chapter



grimm-bannerGrimm could have been  a lot more than it was. Over the last 5 seasons they created this fantastic universe that never quite got explored or utilized near as much as it could have been.

It suffered from a Friday night death spot(and lost nearly a million viewers a year since it moved back there at the end of Season 3- 8 million to 6 million last year), but did a fair bit of jumping around the schedule which hurt it more then helped it.

This last year I felt was the best of all because it got a little darker and the pace got a little faster. Bloodletting became a norm when required which would have made sense from the start. It is after all a story of dark fairy tales.

This is a show I would very much like to see get picked up by another network.One with a more mature audience, that could enjoy it for what would have to have the rough nature the show  should have had in the first place.

Final 13 Episode season starts tomorrow at 8pm on NBC. Promo below

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