Rob Liefeld Extreme Universe is a go…..

Wait a minute……how many triple DDD cup(is that a size?)actresses are there in Hollywood that can act anyway?!?(See below, GLORY, in all her..ah Glory)


.STILL.Liefeld did help create Deadpool and that particular franchise seems to be doing okay.

Here’s another question. Does Anyone remember a good amount of Liefeld’scharacters looking an awful like some other properties from Marvel? They didn’t say much back then but the  mouse house might have something to say about it today if they came out looking that way on film.

I am a bit wary though. After the miscues an established company like DC has made it might only take one for the extreme universe to throw in the towel.

Article courtesy of DEADLINE.

‘Deadpool’s Rob Liefeld In Extreme Universe Pic Pact With Graham King, Fundamental Films, Akiva Goldsman

Game of Thrones Shortened seasons

Iain Glen’s(Ser Jorah Mormont) thoughts on the shortened seasons appear to be that the GOT show runners wanted to go out with a bang. I call shenanigans!!!. I think there is no way they can wrap up the story they have told in 15 episodes and that they have every intention of turning it into a Trilogy of movies.

I suspected it when they tested the waters by releasing Season 4,  episodes 9 & 10 in IMAX format and I’m more convinced then ever now. This series is the Lord of the Rings of the last 25 years. I’m sure the theatrical releases will do just fine.


Strange Tales of S.H.I.E.L.D

If you have not been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D this season you have been missing out. The first half of the season was light on Inhumans jargon and heavy on Ghost Rider ,which made for a pretty damn good ride. It was Race car Ghost Rider and not Motorcycle Ghost rider but it was still pretty damn good(heavy on the damn today).

They have done a season split with the storylines this year and next up is the rise of the LMD(Strange Tales old school shout out). This was built up nicely on the back burner over the first half of the season and is kicking into high gear for the second half. Highly recommend you check it out if you have a chance.

Below is a nifty poster for the premiere on Jan.10th, featuring the lovely Ming Na-Wen who I can only assume made the same deal with the devil as Ghost Rider did to look as lovely as she does at the age of __(look it up).