Comic review: Justice League of America VS Suicide Squad – 1 of 6


Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jason Fabok

Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Letters:Rob Leigh



I would suggest reading Suicide Squad 8(2016) as a prelude to this series and perhaps Batman 8-13(2016) for a fuller understanding of some of the events referenced in this first issue.

How do you pay back your debt to society as a criminal? Is it an exchange of time? Or the exchange of skills, for that time to be erased? That’s the crux of this first issue. The realization that the JLA cannot abide by Amanda Waller’s decision to run the team of criminals that she has assembled.

The other side of this first chapter of the story is the laying of groundwork by a villain any DC reader should be relatively familiar with. I think it was a “safe” choice for a villain and would have liked if they had introduced someone new.

You do feel a sense of sympathy for the Suicide Squad out of the gate because you are made aware that they have little choice in this or any fight. A collision course with the JLA was inevitable but not really of their choice.

The art on this book by Jason Fabok was beautiful. Flowed seamlessly page to page and detailed the ebb of the story .Colorist Alex Sinclair did a vibrant job on the  shadowy coloring of the panels. There is a  Two page drawing near the end that is beautifully rendered.

Joshua Williamson is a good writer though I did find myself thinking certain parts of the story could have been fleshed out a bit more.

I plan on buying the second issue of this book for the artwork alone, but the story shows promise.



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