Andrew Garfield of Spider-man Fame shares his frustration with the character.



I have not seen Hacksaw Ridge but have heard nothing but good buzz surrounding it so I would suspect that this lad does indeed have some acting chops. To be completely honest I never saw him as a great Spider-Man. He seemed like more the bully who would be picking on Spider-man. He seemed far to secure in himself  to be playing Peter Parker, awkward teenager

It’s probably because he was a 27 at the time….

Courtesy of our brothers from another mother at The Hollywood reporter

Peter Capaldi Exiting Doctor Who

Well gang here we go again. Peter Capaldi has confirmed that he will be hanging up his sonic screwdriver after season. It seemed like only yesterday the Whovians were welcoming Peter in as the new Doctor. Like every Doctor before we welcome him in with nervous anticipation. The Whovians sat around the TV hoping that he wouldn’t screw up our Doctor.  Also with every new regeneration we come to, over time to love our new Doctor.

peter-capaldi-as-the-doctor-in-doctor-whoTime seems to pass so fast and before we know it we once again have to learn to love and expect a new Doctor. If you are a fan of the show it can be painful to watch the old Doctor leave. But there is some excitement to see who will be our new Doctor Who.

I have really enjoyed Peter Capaldi rendition  of the Doctor. Peter’s sometimes erratic, weird and at times bizarre moments were to me part of his charm. The scene where he has to use cue cards to help him reassure humans because he does not comfort them was awesome.

I could go on and on about Peter Capaldi portray of the man from Gallifrey. I will be sad when at the end of this season Peter regenerates into a new Doctor. But like all of you I will be sad to see Peter go. Again we will have to have to learn to love the new Doctor but we will. We have our favorites, our first Doctor, but we always run with him.  To trust the Doctor with our lives. We will always jump into that blue box and travel with him.

Long live the Doctor

Blade Runner Teaser

I have a terrible secret.I’ve never seen Blade Runner.Maybe i did as a child and don’t remember seeing it but I legitimately do not remember seeing it.My understanding is that in some countries that this is grounds for execution so I reveal this fact at my own peril.

The New trailer for Blade Runner 2049 looks like a nice teaser.Should i ask what a Replicant is?Nevermind…….

Batman Movie with Affleck directing not a sure thing?


I honestly don’t blame him if he decides to walk away if he doesn’t think the writing is the quality he wants.They should absolutely let him direct it.He has proven track record and him directing should not even be a question at this point…….and by this point I mean the drubbing the other films have gotten.

The Batman comments are near the end of the article but the entire article is a great read about Affleck


Comic review: Justice League of America VS Suicide Squad – 1 of 6


Publisher: DC Comics

Writer:Joshua Williamson

Artist: Jason Fabok

Colorist: Alex Sinclair

Letters:Rob Leigh



I would suggest reading Suicide Squad 8(2016) as a prelude to this series and perhaps Batman 8-13(2016) for a fuller understanding of some of the events referenced in this first issue.

How do you pay back your debt to society as a criminal? Is it an exchange of time? Or the exchange of skills, for that time to be erased? That’s the crux of this first issue. The realization that the JLA cannot abide by Amanda Waller’s decision to run the team of criminals that she has assembled.

The other side of this first chapter of the story is the laying of groundwork by a villain any DC reader should be relatively familiar with. I think it was a “safe” choice for a villain and would have liked if they had introduced someone new.

You do feel a sense of sympathy for the Suicide Squad out of the gate because you are made aware that they have little choice in this or any fight. A collision course with the JLA was inevitable but not really of their choice.

The art on this book by Jason Fabok was beautiful. Flowed seamlessly page to page and detailed the ebb of the story .Colorist Alex Sinclair did a vibrant job on the  shadowy coloring of the panels. There is a  Two page drawing near the end that is beautifully rendered.

Joshua Williamson is a good writer though I did find myself thinking certain parts of the story could have been fleshed out a bit more.

I plan on buying the second issue of this book for the artwork alone, but the story shows promise.