Valerian- City of a thousand Planets

Looks like I’m spending a little more time here in the trailer park this morning. Looking at the first teaser for the movie of the same name based off the French comic series created by writer Pierre Christin and artist Jean Claude Mezieres.

I have to admit I’m not that familiar with this series but Luc Besson is in the directors chair so that’s a thumbs up for me so far. The trailer LOOKS beautiful. The CGI looks on par with James Camerons AVATAR .

HOWEVER, there is not a lot of dialogue in the trailer and that worries me. I’ve seen the two young actors before, but not in anything memorable. Oh, and I saw Rhianna too….yep….Rhianna is in this movie.



This is a trailer for a sci- fi film coming up starring Sam Neill and Tom Payne. The trailer itself is a bit muddled ,but the jist I’m getting from it is   “what if there was a possibility of putting the actions of your brain into someone elses body?”.

I found the back ground music very distracting but the CGI looks relatively well done. I’ve always thought Sam Neill was an underrated actor so I’d probably give this a look.