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Hey gang a little late getting this out for you ear holes. Under the weather and the hole Christmas holiday getting in the way.

You may notice a sound quality issue here as I was trying out a new sound recording system and well as you will hear I need more practice.

The power went out at the comic shop so we just basically free styled.

I hope you still have fun listening.

Check out this episode!

Netflix Original Series – The OA


I watched this trailer and the feeling I got is that once again Netflix is taking a chance on something strange. Now you wondering what I mean by strange. I only way for me to give any idea of what I mean is that I got that same feeling for The OA as I did from seeing Stranger Things trailer.  A feeling that this is going to be something very, very different.

The series premieres this Friday.

The Netflix original series The OA, which launches this Friday, is from visionaries Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij (Sound of My Voice, The East), who created and wrote the eight chapter, mind-bending odyssey together. The show begins with a missing blind girl in her twenties, Prairie Johnson (Brit Marling), who comes home to the community she grew up in with her sight restored. Some hail her a miracle, others a dangerous mystery, but Prairie won’t talk about her seven years missing with the FBI or her parents.

Other cast members include Emory Cohen (Brooklyn, The Place Beyond the Pines), Scott Wilson (The Walking Dead, Junebug), Phyllis Smith (The Office), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Fury, Dig), Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact, Silent Hill), Patrick Gibson (The Tudors), Brendan Meyer (Mr. Young, The Guest) and newcomers Ian Alexander and Brandon Perea

Source: Youtube, Environics Communications

Fast and the Furious 8

Folks, I’m going to try and keep this positive, but the last one of these was a big ol’ stink- a- roo in my eyes. Well, that positively didn’t last very long. The last one was basically car chase in Country, car chase in sand, Rhonda Rousey fight, Car chase in city, Rock blows stuff up. Tanned, fit bikini girls mixed in for good measure.

This trailer does not look AS bad and I’m hoping the Rock had more input this time because he actually is a very good actor. More tanned rump shaking also…….have at it folks.


Deadpool scores TWO Golden Globes nods

Yes, that’s right. I said two. Motion picture – Comedy Musical and Ryan Reynolds himself for Best Actor nod in a Comedy or Musical. Well deserved and hopefully this will be a nominating platform for those who come after him in well made comic properties……….but it’s probably because of this………deadpool-movie-poster-christmas

Courtesy of our friends at Variety….and by friends I mean old school pen pals.

Golden Globe Nominations: Complete List




From Russia with Love:Viking

A obvious spoiler, this movie will be subtitled but after you watch the trailer and what appears to beautiful cinematography on par , or better then’ a lot of “Hollywood” movies you might want to give this a second look.

Will be released in Russia this month, and will probably hit the U.S Markets in 2017.The directorial style just from the trailer reminded me of Liam Neesons ” THE GREY”……not a bad comparison.