TV Series – Kingdom



Started watching this series today and am hooked. I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy a show with MMA as a back drop ,but the storyline and acting so far has been very good.

In a small tie in to the comic world the starring role goes to Captain America actor Frank Grillo(Crossbones) who plays Alvey Kulina , a former champion and now Gym owner in California. Another stand out for me is Johnathan Tucker who is owning his role as Alvey’s son Jay. I’ve not seen any of his work but he’s doing wonderfully in this role as the loose cannon  son.

Cast is rounded out by Nick Jonas( Yes a Jonas Brother…..), who has been surprising me with how good a young actor he is,  Kiele Sanchez who plays Alvey’s girlfriend Lisa Prince and Matt Lauria of Friday night lights fame.

The dialogue flows very smoothly, and the tone can be very dark sometimes to fit the world that the show is set in. Killer soundtrack so far also. Episode 5 coming up.