First Ghost In The Shell Trailer Dropped And WOW!!!

Paramount Pictures released the first full length trailer for the coming live-action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. I watched this trailer twice and I do plan on watching it again. Visually this is one hell of a film. Director Rupert Sanders created some amazing eye candy.

Scarlett Johansson talked  with Collider and gave some insight into the character she is playing.

“You can’t rip it off the page, it’s totally different. You’re playing it as a – it’s not really a person, but it’s a human brain, it’s someone who’s having this life experience. Which is very different from just ripping stuff off from the manga. One thing that will be very different probably is we’re not making the Frank Miller world where those graphic novels come to life. We have kind of the iconic iconography of the Manga and stuff, but I think people will be surprised at the gritty kind of realness of this. For a person that doesn’t have a heart, it has a lot of heart, I think.”

Ghost in the Shell is set to be released March 31st, 2017.

Source: Geek Tryrant, Collider