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Comics, comics as far as the eye can see……

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Had a bit of a chat yesterday at the comic shop yesterday (Eager beaver Wednesday!!!) about comics with Podcast host John and I realized …….I’ ve become a bit of a comic fraud. I used to read my comics feverishly right after getting them, but over the last few years I’ve not had that drive. I enjoy reading, but have not really been over enjoying WHAT I have been reading in the comic world.

I have always been a “Marvel guy”. Since I was a wee lad of 6 years old. I’m 45….er..25..*sigh*..yes, 45 and Marvel still dominates what I buy as far as monthlies go. My problem with them has been well fleshed out by others on the net in far more depth. Reboots every year it seems. Events every quarter it seems , and a cost that is going into depths I’ve never seen.

I remember reading an article about two months ago that stated that even with inflation a comic in 1981 should only be about $2.75 today. I just paid $6.00(Can) for the “all new” Avengers1#. I’m going to give a few thoughts on that issue in an upcoming post……and there’s not going to be a lot of positive there.

I was not looking forward to Disney buying Marvel because I had been into a Disney store before. EVERYTHING is about paying for the brand, and now I believe this pox has been visited upon their comics.

So, I pledged to myself last night. No more need to complete a series. If I get to issue #5 and it’s not my cup of tea I’m done with it no matter what the company letterhead says. I will be giving more thoughts on comics I purchase (it won’t be a “re- cap” or “review” just a few ideas to either entice you or send you back to the comic rack), both new and older issues. Hope you enjoy. Cheers



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