Westworld- Episode 1 thoughts

We have a 3D printer rendition of a Terminator head sitting in the foyer of my work place. I couldn’t help but think of it as I watched this show. If we are ever to complete the complexities of virtual reality and make it an ACTUAL reality, some of the technical aspects of this show will help make this happen.

I must admit, beyond a vague concept I really had no idea what this show was about. I knew I enjoyed the work of Ed Harris (the Man in black), Anthony Hopkins(Dr. Robert Ford…and GodJ), Jeffery Wright(Bernard Lowe) and Thandie Newton(Maeve Millay) in the past but thought the cast was bit eclectic.

It is a show you should probably watch while giving it your complete focus. There’s a lot of moving parts and you WILL miss something if you aren’t paying close attention.

The acting is on par with the respected actors playing the parts though I never noticed any real stand outs in the first episode. The scope of the show concept in itself is immense and I can probably see it being compared favorably to GOT years down the road if it makes it that far. The writing is brilliant and the techno speak in kept to a medium for those not eager to sift through it.

The ending gave a nice hook to entice you into the next episode. Rebellion starts with a single act. A single glitch……A single..swat. Looking forward to episode 2.

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