This is the premiere trailer for 20th Century Fox” LOGAN”. I’ve been a bit disappointed in the previous outings, so I’m wary of what this new movie will bring .It looks like they’ll be heading down the storyline of Old Man Logan on this outing which I suspect will be Hugh Jackmans last. It’s a shame because to me he  is perfect for the part but time marches on and he won’t be able to keep that “feral” look forever.


I enjoyed it for the most part. I think sometimes that Johnny Cash’s “HURT” is pigeonholed into too many movies and TV shows(the song also reminds me of my Dad, but that’s a conversation for my therapist and I).

Along for the ride looks to be a grizzled Patrick Stewart. Let’s be honest. Everything is better with Patrick Stewart in it. The man could make a truck stops bathroom wall writings seem like Shakespeare. Plus, he and Jackman have proven time and again that they have great on screen chemistry.

We also see glimpses of who I suspect is X-23 .I’m not sure how they can work her into the X-universe if this new movie is all set in the future, but time travel has never been an issue to FOX’s X-universe.

I’m not sure how they are going to bypass all the “Disney universe Only” characters that figured into “OLD MAN LOGAN” but that’s the magic of re- imaging.

LOGAN is in threatres March 3,2017

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