Supernatural S12 Trailer

I have been a fan of Supernatural from the start. I started a little behind the first season but once I started I got hooked. Like many of you one of the main reason for staying with the show this long is not the creature of the week. It is the relationship between Sam and Dean.

Don’t get me wrong I love the creature of the week also. The story arcs that have come and gone are fantastic. Sam born to become the vessel of Lucifer. Stopping the end of the world. God having a sister…..what???? Come on this is some fun TV.

Well the boys are back for season 12 and coming to play with the Sam and Dean is Rick Springfield as the Devil.  Yup you read the right. Should be fun. In the trailer I first thought is was Alice Cooper. The CW released a extended trailer to give us fana a look at all excitement to come.

Me so happy!!!!

Source: YouTube, CW

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