Movie Monday: Arene

When a young woman finds herself captured on board a military aircraft. The soldiers don’t think much of her, until their commander confirms her identity and all hell breaks loose. Produced by the talented Stoyan Yankov and Directed by talented Henrik B. Clausen! See the details below for more info…

A Sci-Fi short film by
Henrik B. Clausen and 3D College Grenaa

For more information on the film go to The CGBros on YouTube

Source: The CGBros

Suicide Squad – Blitz Trailer

Hey gang and new Suicide Trailer has dropped. I have to say who ever is in charged in marketing is doing a HELL  of a better job then the ones that did BvS.

This look fun and the actors are given a chance to act. In this 2 minutes and 38 second trailer. I have seen more emotion then in all the BvS movie.


Source: Warner Bros. UK

The Music Store: Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band LIVE – 1974

Hey gang. Today’s song playing is ‘We’re An American Band’ from Grand Funk Railroad.

Grand Funk Railroad, sometimes shortened as Grand Funk, is an American rock band that was highly popular during the 1970s, touring extensively and playing to packed arenas worldwide. David Fricke of Rolling Stone magazine once said, “You cannot talk about rock in the 1970s without talking about Grand Funk Railroad!”[1][2] Known for their crowd-pleasing arena rock style, the band was well-regarded by audiences despite a relative lack of critical acclaim.[3] The band’s name is a play on words of the Grand Trunk Western Railroad, a railroad line that ran through the band’s home town of Flint, Michigan.

Source: Wikipedia