This short film from David Karlak (The Candidate) and written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, is a five minute proof of concept for a planned full-length feature. The short was made on a shoe string budget of $38,000 bucks. Boy oh boy is this a fantastic looking concept short. The CGI looks incredible and beautiful.  Looking at this short you would swear much more was spent producing it.

The short is similar being that of man creating robots. Robots become sentient but then targeted by humans are they develop emotional symmetry to humans. Only this time the story is told from the perspective of the robots.

The short stars Anton Yelchin (Chekhov) and Rufus Sewll (The Man in High Castle) as the leader of the machines and the human military leader.  The film also is set in the near future as the first sentient robot comes online in 2017.

Dam that is close.


You have to say this is a very interesting take on the up rising of machines versus man scenario. Would this not  look beautiful on the big scene.

Source: Nerdist, io9