Hunters: A New Show On SYFY

A new series form The Walking Dead producer Gale Anne Hurd and 12 Monkey’s producer called Hunters is set to premiere in April on Syfy.

0765331535.01.LZZZZZZZThe series is based on Whitley Strieber’s bestselling novel, Alien Hunter.

The series stars Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) as FBI agent Flynn who will investigating the disappearance of his wife leads him to a secret government unit called the Exo Terrorism Unit. When are these groups never secret, eh?  Flynn joins the ETU and partners up Regan (Brite Oldford), one of the top operatives for reason that will come apparent later.

The series also stars Julian McMahon as McCarthy, a unhinged junkie and cell leader.  Syfy is promising  that the show will push the boundaries of what makes a terrorist.  Also a twist between a gritty crime drama and sci-fi thriller.  Okay?

No idea when or if the show will be premiering in Canada or not.

Source: Blastr, YouTube, Syfy

Comic Review: Hellchild #1 of 5

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.01.43 PMPublisher: Zenescope

Writer: Pat Shand

Art: Vincenzo Riccardi

Colors: Eleonora Bruni

Letters: Jim Campbell

Release Date: 3/23/16


Thousands of years ago, Hades, the God of the
Underworld, had a daughter named Angelica.
Because of his own foolish schemes, Angelica was
tragically killed. But present day Hades is a changed
man. In a committed relationship with vampire
hunter, Liesel Van Helsing, Hades has taken to
fighting evil. However, as a new threat rises up in
New York City, Van Helsing and Hades will be forced
to face the consequences of his past evils. This is
the story of the Hellchild…

Source: Hellchild

Yeah okay that is cheating just copying and pasting that part out of the inside page. Just giving you a idea of what is going on here. So there.

After a small introduction to our lead characters.  We a thrust forward to a lovely battle between some juiced up vamps, Hades and the Liesel Van Helsing. Oh yeah there is kid vamp here. Nice touch. Looks and acts like a rabid monkey. Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 10.28.05 PM

A common thread I have been finding in story telling is the not being honest with the one you love. Again this shows up here as Van Helsing takes something to Hades. Van Helsing plans on surprising Hades and we all now that not going to turn out good.

Vamps trying to take control, Vamps trying to raise a dead Morgana and Van Helsing trying to raise Hades dead daughter. There is a whole lot of action is this first issue. Oh hell there is another Vamp up to no good also. These stories are nicely weaved together and you do not get lost wondering what is going on.

Oh just so you know this book is not all staby, staby and bringing the dead back to life. There is a humorous scene in the lower levels of the city where Leslie is called Marian’s ‘Little Friend’. Of course this does not end well for one of the bouncers they meet.

Pat Shand does what a writer should do in the first book. Lay down the ground work to the introduction characters and story.  Also getting the reader wondering what coming next. Pat also moves between comedy and horror making the book much more enjoyable to read.

Art by Vincenzo Riccardi does a good job of moving that action along. The fighting action from panel to panel is done well.

In the end I give Hellchild #1 or 5 a 3.5 pops out of 5. Not a bad book for a #1 but lets see how it moves forward from here.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


Movie Monday: GUS

This CGI short is from Honeydew Studios.  Honeydew Studios is a small production company in Brisbane, Australia.

The short is written, directed and animated by Andrew Martin

A “cave” boy and his father live a bleak life in the Swiss Alps, banished because of the boy’s disruptive flatulence, until one day his father reaches breaking point and sends the boy out into the cold, a decision that would change life forever…

You can find out more about Honeydew Studios here