The Trailer Park: BATMAN V SUPERMAN Final Trailer

So the final trailer is here for BvS. I have been up and down on this film. Everything I have seen from the casting to the previous trailers I have not been that  excited to see this film. Yeah I will go but with some hesitation. I think as I get older I come to just hope for the best in any film that comes to us based on a comic. Take each film on it’s own and don’t get to carried away with what was wrong, right or just plan WTF.

This last trailer does what the other trailers did not for me. I want to see it now. Yes still some hesitation but leaning more to the  “that was cool”.

So if you have not or would to see it again here it is.

Source: YouTube, JoBlo Movie Trailers

One thought on “The Trailer Park: BATMAN V SUPERMAN Final Trailer”

  1. It’s amazing what a heavy bass groove backing track can do for a trailer eh? I enjoyed this trailer more then the first two for a few reasons
    A).Ben Afflecks fight scences are not going to suck.I’m buying him as Batman more then ever.
    B).The last shot where Superman looks surprised at the Batsuits strength gave a little clout to the fact that Superman might not wipe the mat with Batman in the fight
    C).Less is more.It’s Batman VS Superman.This focused in on that beef.Very little Wonder Woman,Lex Luthor,Doomsday or anyone else.

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