Review: Inferno – Resurrection #1

infernoPublisher: Zenescope

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artist: Antonio Bifulco

Colors: Erick Arciniega

Letter: Jim Campbell

Release Date 1/13/16

This is the first issue of a 5 part series and like most first issues this is a introduction to our lead characters.  Our lead is Mercy Dante a one time assassin that after killing herself gets a second chance. This time working for the Devil.  The Devil has a small problem with some of the horde from below escaping to the above world and need to be returned.

A chance encounter with a young woman during one of Mercy hunts sets up the story that will lead Mercy to the villain of the series, Mr Russell. Mr Russell is a local gangster in Los Angeles that happens to use escaped demons from hell as muscle to collect out standing debts.  Also we learn later that  Mr Russell also has a taste for the dark side of life.

Writer Ralph Tedesco does a good job of introducing the new reader to Mercy.  Giving the reader a quick history of Mercy and how she got her second chance. The reader is given a small hint of a character in her past but you don’t need to know to enjoy this first book.  The story did grab me enough to follow up with the next book in the series.  The dialogue between characters feels natural and moves the story along at a good pace.

Art by Antonio Bifulco is fantastic and some of the best I have seen in the Zenescope line.  Zenescope has begun to line up some impressive talent and it is really shows. I have always been a art guy first and the work of Antonio caught my attention. I also have to say with the help of colorist Erick Arciniega, Antonio facial expressions and creepy melting faces really pop out.

So in the end I give Inferno – Resurrection #1 3.5 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.




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