Comic Culture Vol 1 Issue 19







Comic Culture Vol 1 Issue 19

Well Paul and I are back with more Pop Culture news from around the world. Okay mostly from North America but we give news unfit to hear. If Deadpool is a success will other adult comics, Marshall, Death’s Head. Kevin Smith to direct a episode of Flash. Jonah Hex to appear on Legends of Tomorrow, Punisher on Netflix. Star Wars VIII getting a rewrite? Reviews and final thoughts on Secret Wars, Red Agent #1, Dare Devil and Deadpool vs Thanos. Plus so much more.

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Marvel’s Luke Cage Maybe Here Sooner Than November

Different sources are reporting that the next series in the Marvel/Netflix  partnership, “Luke Cage” maybe coming as early as this summer.  Report by Heroic Hollywood via Blackfilm is that a trusted source told Blackfilm maybe as late summer of 2016 we will be seeing “Luke Cage” on Netflix.







Already in production, “Luke Cage” is the third of four series that Marvel and Netflix are working together on. The fourth will be the up coming, “Iron Fist” that will lead to a “Defenders” mini series.

It seems that Marvel and Netflix have change things up possibly and more likely because of the success of both “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones”.  Both shows were huge hits for Netflix and Marvel. Fans and critics love the shows and the companies have shown that they can put out quality shows dealing in the world of comics.

Source: Heroic Hollywood, BlackFilm


Comic Culture Vol 1 Issue 18


Comic Culture Vol 1 Issue 18

Once again Paul and I are back to give you pop culture news and comic reviews. We pick our favorite comics of 2015. The Han Solo movie. Also on the show we talk Deadpool, Robbie Amell, Paramount shutting down a Star Trek fan movie. Paul reviews All New Wolverine #1, All New X-Men #1 while I give my thoughts on Inferno Resurrection. Plus so much more.

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Deadpool Banned In China

deadpool-movie-costume-pic-2No Deadpool for you.

Heroic Hollywood via THR is reporting that lovable meck with a mouth will not be spreading his humor to that large movie audience. The reported violence and nudity is to much for the Chinese censor board. It is also being said that trimming down the movie would leave to many plot holes in the movie to male any sense.

Not getting that Chinese money may hurt the film but I have to believe then studio must of known that would happen. Hopefully this will ni8t become a factor taken in when it comes to deciding if Deadpool is a commercial success.