Are The Sea Devils Returning to Doctor Who


Steven Moffat seems to love to bring back classic monster. In the past we have seen the Silurians, Ice Warriors and the Zygons. Another one that he would love to bring back are the Sea Devils. First introduced in 1972 when Jon Pertwee was the Third Doctor in a story titled”The Sea Devils”. Moffat had this to say about them and other foes from Doctor Who’s past:

“The classic monster I always look at bringing back are the Sea Devils, the design of them is amazing, they are beautiful and bizarre. I haven’t thought of anything to do with them yet. But I think they’re quite extraordinary in their conception.” “I have a very long list of monsters to bring back , you know. As well as the Sea Devils I do have a couple of others in my mind, but I might be doing those so I’m not telling you what they are!”

So is there a chance that we may see the Sea Devils and other older foes coming up against Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

I hope so. How about you?

Source: Female First, Blastr

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