Greatest American Hero Getting A Reboot?

Believe it or not another show from the past is about to get a reboot. According to article from Blastr via i09 the cult classic TV show ‘The Greatest American Hero’ maybe returning.

A attempt to revive the series back in 2014 by Rodney Rothman (22 Jump Street) did not happen. This time Rick Famuyiwa (Talk to Me; Dope) will be making the attempt.

GAHFamuyiwa will be working with “Phil Lord & Chris Miller and the Tawnia McKiernan, daughter of Steven J. Cannell’s creator of ‘The Greatest American Hero’.


While on a road trip through a desert, mild-mannered high-school teacher Ralph Hinkley (temporarily changed to Ralph Hanley for part of season one due to real-life current events) is greeted by extraterrestrials, who present him with an extraordinary red flying suit that imbues him with uncanny powers. Learning of the suit, high-strung FBI agent Bill Maxwell convinces Ralph to help him fight crime. Ralph’s girlfriend, attorney Pam Davidson, also knows of his secret life as a superhero.
Source: IMDb
 The market maybe ready for another attempt to bring back this show. Everyone is getting in on the the superhero, reboot or update old properties craze.  Star Trek was just announced yesterday and with this announcement of The Greatest American Hero now, how many more shows will be dug up and giving the attempt at a new life?
It maybe fun to see ‘The Greatest American Hero’ again. The show was original and fun and also all we had back in 1981 for superheros on TV.
Source: Blastr, i09

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