2015 Edmonton Expo Day One

Well another Edmonton Expo has come and gone but it will not be forgotten. I have been going since the first one happen 4 years ago.


Boy has it grown.

The first year with a attendance of a estimated of 14,000 to this years estimated number of 50,000 the show has grown big time. Each year the organizers have meet the demand for the increase crowd. I have also noticed the tweaks that have been made from year to year. Nothing drastic but you can see that they are trying to improve the flow of the crowd. I always go for the full weekend. The one nice thing about having it at the Edmonton Expo center is that everything is located in one building. I love the Calgary Expo but Calgary has grow so big that they have to use every building around to accommodate all the panels and exhibitors. There are times that you miss stuff because of running from building to building.


I do like getting there early. Friday was quite at first so my son and I had plenty of room to walk and explore. Now if I was a smart I would of done some of my podcast interviews then. But not being smart and shy I didn’t. Stupid me.

As the day progressed the convention started to fill up. The best thing about that was the amount of amazing Cosplayers that started to show up. It is really amazing to see some of the outstanding work done by some of these people.  The only panel that my son and I took in that day was ‘Image Comics – The Local Connection’. That was interesting because one of the guest on the panel, Kurtis Wiebe was not from Edmonton. He was just told to come along. Kurtis thought is was because he lumped in a section set aside with group of local Image creators/writers/artist.  It didn’t matter to the crowd there to see the panel.20150925_164901-1

Friday was a good day to get things rolling for the next couple of days. A geek/nerd fest that for the next few days everyone just gets to play and have fun.

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