Movie Monday: Alien Infinity

Today’s short film is a animated short from Darkus Marque. As he describes on the YouTube page is was a projected that was worked on between January 2015 and August 2015.

The story is about a group of ex-military and ex-law enforcement teams that are now ‘solve problems’. They are sent to Beta Terran to find out why contact with Beta Terran has stopped. This opening episode, since it is stated at the end that there would be more. The episode rings of parts from ‘Aliens’ and also some of the feel of ‘Alien 3″. It is fun to see the use of the 20th Fox logs at the start. The animation reminds me of the TV show ‘Reboot’, stiff and clunky. Now this is not a shot at the film maker as all his work was done from free sources around the net. I did enjoy the film. The film does jump around but still I was interested in watching it to completion.

So take few minutes and have a look.

Source: YouTube