ELENA, Divinity Rising: Review

KWVD-4iePublisher: Alien Apple Studio

Created by: Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett

Written by: Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett

Artwork by Stu Jennett

At first you think you are reading  your typical espionage comic but very quickly you realize that it is not. We are introduced to a young woman, Elena a young Russian woman along with her partner Miller.  Elena is not you typical young woman. Elena is a CIA operative with a gift.  Along with Alex Dawson another gifted agent they are out  investigate what they believe is a terrorist organization called Yuri.  They quickly come to realize that it is not Yuri they are after but someone else.

Elena gift is a telepathic link to electronics. The ability to access email’s and text messages. Alex is strength and agility.  Through a series of flash backs we are introduce to Elena and Alex. Showing them grow together as agents and friends.  The flash backs are not in depth but enough to give us a basic understanding of the characters.

I got a mixture of a old school Bond film mixed in with a mutant under tone.

Elena is a well written story that right from the start grabs your attention. Writers Darren Pearce and Stu Jennett don’t waste time dropping you into the action. The build up is quick but not rushed. I was lucky enough to get a copy of issue 2 and I am glad I did. I finishes issued 1 I quickly moved on to issue 2.

Stu Jennett co-wrote and penciled the story.  There is a bonus having the artist being part of the writing team. The vision between writer and artist can sometimes hit a bump on the road. Elena is dark with some splash of color and I feel it helps with the feel and tone of the book. The book also has the look of a underground book that really works here.

Overall Elena: Divinity Rising is a adventure ride that deserves a read.

I give Elena 4 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are meant to enjoyed. Not destroyed.



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