Ronda Rousey for Captain Marvel

Well boys and girls if you have not heard yet there has been a big push to have Ronda Rousey star in a Captain Marvel movie.  It seems now that Ronda herself is hinting that she like to do the part.





Ronday recently did a  Reddit AMA in which she expressed a interest in doing the role. Since that AMA in Reddit she has received numerous depictions of her as Captain Marvel.

“Since the reddit AMA I’ve received so many badass Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel edits! There were so many cool ones I couldn’t pick just one to share – here’s 1 series of 2 Big thank you to contributing artists:@bosslogix (two on right) and @salman.artworks (left).”











Okay I do admit that she does look the part physical.  She looks like Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers. BUT does she have the acting skills to pull of a lead in a Captain Marvel movie? Who really knows. The  Captain Marvel movie is  slated to be released Nov 2. 2018. Start the acting classes. Only after the movie is out will we really be able to tell.  Oh being a guy, she dam easy on the eyes. Okay I said it. PHFTTT!

John G M Burke

Source: Blastr, SBNation


Take a beloved game and mix it in with a spaghetti western theme and you come up with a very fun, entertaining short film.  Also the wardrobe design by Volente Design is great. The score by Chris Hurn is very reminiscent of the score from those old Clint Eastwood westerns.

Source: YouTube, io9