Comic Review: Bayani and the Old Ghosts

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.26.44 PMPublisher: Galiber Comics

Created and Written by Travis McIntire

Art: Grant Perkins

Lettering: Taylor Esposito

Graphic Design: Rich Bloom

When Travis asked me to review this book I was surprised when I read it. Before you go and think I did not like this book, don’t. I know very little of Travis McIntire except from from his podcast, Snake Oil Comics. Saying that I was expecting something more, umm lets say dark. But I was pleasantly surprised.

Bayani is the story of a young boy who has set out to save his ill father and his village. The sun and not set in a month. The heat is causing the land to become parched. Bayani set out to sea to hopefully capture fish that has move father away from shore because of the heat. During a disaster at sea Bayani is recruited by the rain god, Pati’.  The quest, to recuse 9 kidnapped daughters of the Lady Moon.

Bayani is a great children book. Well that is how I took it. Travis McIntire does a good job of making the story enjoyable for kids. Hey I had a easy time reading to.  A story of adventure with help from Bayani’s  friend Tala.  Bayani and Tala also get some help from Maria Makiling. Some  ghost show up to help in his quest to find the nine daughters also. Bayani and Tala slowly begin to learn that they also need each other because each have a special skill. This would be a good book to introduce you child to comics.

The art style of Grant Perkins is different but catchy. Children should love the playfully style. Using simple shape that has the look of piece cut and put together.

If you want to support this indie and get a great book for you kids. Head over to their  Kickstarter page.


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