Box Office: ‘Fantastic Four’ Bombs With $26.2 Million Weekend

Okay so I have not made my opinion shy about this film. Okay not on here but on my podcast. But I have no plans on seeing this film. I also have said I hope it flops. Well at this moment it seems to be doing just that. The film still has the overseas market to help it along. Of course that could save the film money wise.
Honestly I hope not. I was never a fan of the idea for this film. It’s re-imagining of the original story. Yes I know the other 2 films were not that great but they were still a little closer then this. I believe this all has to do with people that have no idea of the characters or rich history to the FF.
Please let if finally go back to the firm but creative hands over at Marvel. I sure Marvel sheds a little tear when their name is on the screen each time a FF movie is done. A tear of sadness and disgrace.

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