Ash Vs Evil Dead Trailer

Recently Starz released a trailer for the upcoming Ash Vs Evil Dead TV series.  Ash is back to once again fight against those evil demons.

Returning to play Ash is Bruce Campbell. If you are not aware Ash if from the original Evil Dead films made by Sam Raimi. The trailer if full of all the blood, gore and those famous one liners. This looks like a fun time.

Source: Blastr, Starz

New Supergirl Trailer

On August 21th a new Supergirl trailer dropped. If you are like and have not see it well here you go.

I was one of many who watch the leaked pilot. I liked the pilot but it did have some flaws to me. I am hoping that those flaws will disappear as the first season moves along. I am not going to go over my thoughts again on the pilot. I will be watching. Being a long suffering Geek there is not to much(even bad) that I won ‘t watch. The series is set to premiere this fall on CBS Oct. 26.

Source: Blastr, DC Entertainment

Movie Monday: The Amazing Spider-Man(Short Film)

Spider-Man has a fan base all over the world. We sometimes forget that. This short shows that no matter what language or country the web crawler has many fans.

‘A short film that I and a few others made as a school project. The idea was to make a film with special effects, so we did a movie about Spider-Man! I was mostly the cameraman and handled all the footage and I did some of the effects(which was done in Adobe After Effects with a lot of green screen material), and you could say I was also the “Spider-Man expert” while making this film.’

Source: YouTube TheSpectacularSpidey

TPCCafe Season 2 Ep 1

Well I am back. Sorry about that. I talk about Nathan Fillion, Alfre Woodard in Luke Cage. Hayley Atwell twitting that she would like to play Doctor Who. General Zod returning in Batman V Superman. Peter Cushing returning from the dead to be in Rogue One? Terminator making money in China. Matt LeBlanc and his 4th Emmy nod. I also talk about giving podcast listeners a place to try a podcast for free. Also I talk about other crazy stuff and loose track of where I was going. So download and have a listen. I bake cookies.

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Cosplay Thursday

Hey gang it is once again it is Cosplay Thursday.


Ruby Rose

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Comic Culture Vol 1 Issue 12

Hey gang. So to keep on a sort of regular schedule Paul and I recorded another show for you listening pleasure. Paul and I talk about the Fear of The Walking Dead, Justice League. Also comic reviews of Cyborg, Escape From The Dead, Pursuit Of Beautiful Things, Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover and some much more. As usual Paul and I veer of the road and talk about all things geek. So download and we hope you enjoy.

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Matt LeBlanc On His Fourth Emmy Nom For ‘Episodes’ And Why Season 5 Will Probably Be The Last – Emmys

I always like the character of Joey. I also believe that Matt LeBlanc never really got credit for creating a funny but lovable guy. If you have not seen a episode of ‘Episodes’ you really should take the time and watch one. The show is funny and seeing Matt do a parody of himself is very entertaining. Matt is deftly not ‘Joey’ and he proves it with his fourth Emmy nomination.


“I really can’t take much credit for it,” Matt LeBlanc says of his repeated Primetime Emmy Awards nominations for playing the role of “Matt LeBlanc” on Showtime’s satirical sitcom Episodes. Through four seasons on the series, he’s depicted a selfish, self-destructive parody of himself that, he’s quick to make clear, could be even worse of a person. Now with the show’s fourth season having nabbed him his fourth nomination (and seventh over his career), LeBlanc is at times almost philosophical, crediting the show’s writers and co-stars Tamsin Grieg and Stephen Mangan for his and the show’s success.

You’re pitched this show in which you’re playing the worst version of yourself that you could possibly play…

I could probably play worse. (Laughs.)

What’s it like then playing such an awful version of yourself?

It’s funny, because a lot of people assume that it’s this tricky sort of thing to arrive…

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