Miles Morales IS Spider-Man

Miles-Morales So it is being reported by many different pop culture news sites that Miles Morales will BE Spider-Man when Marvel reboots it’s line of comics. In a exclusive article in the New York Daily News Miles will be Spider-Man but will be mentored by a grownup and genuine Peter Parker.

Miles Morales was created back in 2011 when Marvel launched the “Ultimate” series of books.  I have very little knowledge of Miles Morales and only read the Peter Parker Spider-Man book occasionally. So for me this a new and fresh take on the character of Spider-Man. I have never been one for changing a character just to please some of the masses. Marvel is doing this change right. While they try and keep up with the times and introduce more ethnic characters.  They have decided to  kept the original character but have Peter passed the torch.  Instead of making Peter Parker another ethnicity they keep the Spider-Man character alive by having the man behind the mask someone new.

If we at all want our characters to be real in any sense of the word. Yes I know it is a comic and not real. Our hero’s get old and the constant damage done to both mind and body will take it’s toll.  Peter will always be there but now the new stories can be written. Fresh ideas that fit this new Spider-Man.

Some characters can not change. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Clark Kent is Superman. If you wish Peter Parker is Spider-Man.  Marvel is not changing Peter Parker but a creating a new hero, Miles Morales Spider-Man. The same character core as Peter, a hero. Is that not what is important in our heroes. Not the color or race in the suit or mask but that a hero is still wearing the suit.

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