Director Uwe Boll Slams Hollywood Stars, Says ‘F–k You’ to Fans in Video Rant

Wow and I thought I had some anger issues?

Uwe Boll went on YouTube to get out his frustrations on the people and Hollywood. Boll angry came from his third attempt to get his Rampage 3 crowded funded. So after 3 attempt and not getting the hint that not many people want to give him their money to see this film. Boll decides that it is us, the public are idiots. If I understand correctly and yes I maybe wrong, that crowd funding for a movie is 2 fold in my opinion.
1. You wish to have control over the project without studio or large investors involvement.
2. That the movie can not find any backers because they have not faith in the project.
Okay this may not be correct but in around about way it is. So Boll is mad because very few people want to see what every piece of work he wants to produce.
Boll maybe it is a sign that no one is really interested in seeing your films anymore or at least this one.
Relax and play some golf. You said you had enough cash to do so. You may be missed. At least by the few that did give you money.

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