Comic Review: GFT- Red Riding Hood One Shot

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 7.59.36 PMGFT – Red Riding Hood One Shot

Publisher: Zenescope

Story: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco

Writer: Jeff Massey

Artist: Chris Johnson

Colors: Saida Temofonte

Zenescope it celebrating it’s 10th year in the comic business and to mark that celebration the company is producing a group of six one-shot stories. The first of two of these one shots are SNOW WHITE and RED RIDING HOOD.  These 2 books should be on your local comic store shelf by the time your read this or at least at the end of June. I have been fortune enough to read the first two and of those I enjoyed Red Riding Hood the most.

I am still getting accustom to the Zenescope Grimm Fairy Tale world but I have been finding myself enjoying the more ground in the real world stories. Yes I know it is not a real world but with the mix of fantasy and more earthly stories I enjoy the ones based on earth.

I have not followed any of the previous Red Riding Hood stories so the adventures of Britney Waters. My only knowledge of her is from an adventure with Robyn Hood. That being said I am glad this is my first full introduction to her.

Britney Waters is a described as a ninja, psychiatrist that is also a lycanthrope(Werewolf). Her job as a  bounty hunter in Los Angeles has her hunting down both humans and the supernatural. I have to say I had a ball reading this book. Jeff Massey has what I like to call a true writing style. Meaning that the dialogue between the characters feels natural. Britney’s conversation with the old fellow she shares her place with very down to earth and real.

The art work of Chris Johnson really caught my eye. The work on the faces on all the characters really helped the improve on already great dialogue. The movement of the characters also very well done. The only thing for me that I did not really enjoy was the coloring done by Leonardo Paciarotti(sorry Leonardo). I felt that the wash out aspects really did not work for me. I have to say mostly in the faces. It distracted me.

The book for me was a good and fun read. I find not knowing much about the Grimm Fairy Tale world does hurt when I am read other books from Zenescope. Hopefully more books will slowly move to more earth based adventure and story telling.

In the end I give Red Riding Hood – One Shot a 4 out of 5. I also hope that the time of Jeff Massey and Chris Johnson do more adventures of Red Riding Hood (RRH). I would love to read more.

Oh the end of the book made me laugh out load.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed


John G M Burke



Director Uwe Boll Slams Hollywood Stars, Says ‘F–k You’ to Fans in Video Rant

Wow and I thought I had some anger issues?

Uwe Boll went on YouTube to get out his frustrations on the people and Hollywood. Boll angry came from his third attempt to get his Rampage 3 crowded funded. So after 3 attempt and not getting the hint that not many people want to give him their money to see this film. Boll decides that it is us, the public are idiots. If I understand correctly and yes I maybe wrong, that crowd funding for a movie is 2 fold in my opinion.
1. You wish to have control over the project without studio or large investors involvement.
2. That the movie can not find any backers because they have not faith in the project.
Okay this may not be correct but in around about way it is. So Boll is mad because very few people want to see what every piece of work he wants to produce.
Boll maybe it is a sign that no one is really interested in seeing your films anymore or at least this one.
Relax and play some golf. You said you had enough cash to do so. You may be missed. At least by the few that did give you money.

Movie Monday: The Tent

While on a camping trip with friends, a teenager discovers that his tent has the ability to teleport. But soon he discovers that teleportation isn’t the only thing the tent can do…

The Tent is a interesting idea but I never did get involved in the story. Using a normal tent as a teleportation device is different. But other then it jumping around to various location there is really not much going on here. I do have to say I did like the music used in this short.

Then again that is my opinion. You may enjoy it.

Source: Youtube, Robert Fatt