Comic Review: The Little Mermaid #1-4

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 9.50.41 PMThe Little Mermaid #1-4

Publisher: Zenescope

Story: Joe Brusha

Writer: Meredith Finch

Art: Miguel Mendonca

Color: Ivan Nunes

Zenescope has once again taken a childhood story and updated it to a more adult fare. This is no Disney ‘Little Mermaid’ story.  The story is one of  missing child. A Romeo and Juliet love story with a little that crazy scientist trying to create a army of mer-people.

Liz Fisher is the mom and her Romeo, Issoro fell in love and their forbidden love produced a child, Erica. But at the time of her birth the baby is stolen and given to another family.  Into the story comes the witch of the underseas, Ursula. In all honesty I never sure that the witches name is every said. The character even though sexier then her counter part at Disney is the same. Color and all.  Ursula promise to help the couple get back their baby. Of course their is a catch. There is always a catch.

Erica story is one of survival. She has to figure out how to escape her prison before her usefulness has run out. At times these mer-people can say……hulk out and become more powerful. This is what the evil and typical mad scientist wants to create his army.  You tell me and you don’t see Ursula and crazy sci guy are working together.

So far Meredith Finch story is interesting but really not spell binding. Is it bad, hell no but it is not riveting.  Trying to create a very interesting story is hard with the limitation set forth in a world or mermaids. The main interest for me is seeing how in book 5 Meredith combines the plot of the lead villains.  How is she going to get a satisfying ending.

The art of Miguel  Mendonca is enjoyable not hard on the eyes.  The look of the book is what I think is the Zenescope style. At times to dark and  heavy in the shading department. Okay I may not be able to describe the style but if you pick up a few different books you will see it.

To boil it down boys and girls, GFT: The Little Mermaid is a nice read. Not great but it is interesting. Again hopefully the ending will make this book a better read to suggest getting the trade.  If you can wait for the trade I would suggest that.

I give the books 1-4 a 3 out of 5

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke

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