Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ Spinoff Not Dead at ABC

So the attempt to produce a spinoff from Agents of Shield is still being kicked around. The original idea for a spinoff was shut down. So what could the spin off be? Hope about something along the Inhumans? Okay this is far fetched but with Marvel not being able to us the word ‘mutant’ and Marvel turning their attention to the Inhumans property, hey it could be possible.
Marvel wants to bring the Inhumans to the fore front. In the new Age of Ultron movie and the books Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver were change to be Inhumans. Stopping Fox from being able to use them as mutants in any further X-Men films. Okay I am guessing here but hey sounds good.

Bringing a group of Inhumans acting like the X-Men to TV may not really be a bad idea. ?

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