Cons and Tees

Cons and T Shirts

J.W. Coughlan, I write novellas, I am a nerd, here we go:

Cons mean cosplay, full gear for the battlefield if you will.

T-Shirts are our training gear, leading up to the battle, leading up to the next con.



Correction: Khan


Let’s talk tees first:

Seriously five minutes per day, equals 5 out of 1440 minutes per day, 182500 minutes over a lifetime, that’s 126 days of my life I will spend picking out what T-Shirt I will wear that day. And I have a lot to choose from. Which of all the Harry Potters? Maybe an Avatar shirt, no way TMNT. Actually it’s cold out, I think I’ll wear Gambit, or The Hobbits, I haven’t worn Batman in a few days, oooo Wolverine is clean…ish. No, Spider-Man, I was defending Andrew Garfield yesterday right? Or X-Men, under a Batman hoodie, is that allowed? I know use the Spock hoodie. See how things get. And these are decisions being made BC: before coffee.

T-shirts are a funny business, my partner in crime get me the best tees online. They are always so cool. Especially when they get double shipped. Seriously, I have two Legend of Korra shirts, two Ravenclaw ones, and two of Prince Zuko riding a Charizard.

Basically what I’m saying is if you’re rocking the nerd life, the best way to support those fandoms is with a good ol’ fashioned t-shirt.




Let’s talk cosplay:

I love dressing up, always have, even as a kid I preferred Halloween over any other night. Batman was my specialty. And yes when I grew up I found myself a lady. We have been Gambit and Rogue, Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, Flynn and Rapunzel. Then we made a little human being, and since then we have cosplayed Han, Leia and an Ewok. Green Arrow, Black Canary and Arsenal. I recently went to Calgary Expo, it was a blast, now I am here, gearing up for eek fest. Can’t Wait.



So in short, be proud of those fandoms, those stories that stick with you forever, cause that my friends, is a beautiful thing.

Cosplay Thursday

Hey you all it is here again Cosplay Thursday. Have fun.

Box Office: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Eyes $175 Million Foreign Debut

Well it begins boys and girls. Avengers; Age of Ultron is already hitting the screens in the foreign markets. Many of you like myself are getting wet in the groin with excitement to see this film. In the article below the film is expected to gross 200 million in the first weekend. But this is just a guess. I am sure this will get a shit load of cast but will have to do at least 3 times it cost to make it’s money back. Anyone willing to bet that is does not. Hell not me.

Calgary Expo 2015 Day 1

Today was the first of 4 days at this years 2015  Calgary Expo.  The show is a 4 day event starting on Thursday April 16 until Sunday April 19.  Each year the event gets bigger and better. A good indication that this years Expo is going to be big is that Thursday was well attended. Being a work day I thought it would be a little slow. Boy was I wrong. Taking in that Friday and Saturday will be the big days the showing for Thursday was great.

People were out and about in their cosplay outfits showing off some really cool stuff and of course the other showing off very little. Being a guy I did not mind.  Hopefully in the next couple of days I can post some pictures for you.

So got my first piece ordered. Getting some art. Chris Hardin artist that is currently working on Harley Quinn is doing a blank cover for me. It was a bit pricey but I am moving away from collecting just books but to the art. I am hoping to get some original art also.  You know the pages the artist us to draw on. I did over hear Chris saying that the companies are wanting more work done digitally. So if you are a collector you better start buying.

Over  all Day 1 was just looking around. Getting a feel for where everything is and what I want to get. Also how to find out where I can get the money.

Day 2 will be a little longer and a whole crap load to do.

Hope my feet hold out.