The Music Store: The Baboons – Drinkin’ Gasoline

Hey  welcome to the Music Store and this time around I have some Hillbilly rock for you. Okay so it is commonly know as Rockabilly but it sound fun. It reminds of the days I miss when rock and roll was starting out. Pure is the best way I can describe this kind of music.

So have a listen to The Baboons and have some fun.

Movie Monday: SIREN

Today’s short film is a post-apocalyptic short film, Siren. This short film is from 2014. The film description is of two people trying to find protection for a gas take cause temporary amnesia. If inhaled you wake again only to try and find yourself not know who or what is going on.

Though the film is interesting I found that it was manly centered on the male lead in his pursuit  of trying find a mask. The other leads both female really have no importance to the film.  The well choreograph fight sign was great. Over all it was a okay film but I am not sure why it was award wining. But hey you watch and let me know what you thought.

Review: GRT – The Jungle Book: Fall Of The Wild

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.16.12 PMGFT – The Jungle Book: Fall Of The Wild #4

Writer: Mark L Miller

Art: Michele  Bandini

Colors: Grostieta

Letters: Matt Krotzer

Editor: Nicole Glade

In part 4 or 5 the story starts to heat up as we find Mowglii capture by a man and heading out to sea past the reef.  At first I thought I believe that the man was wild. He did not speak English. Silly me I came to realize that he was speaking English and Mowglii could not understand him and I was hearing him through her ears.  I also came to realize that Mowglli was actually speaking in her natural tongue, Beast. Okay that may not be a very good explanation but I think you get the jest. Letting the reader hear what each character hears thru them is a great idea. It allows the reader to get a feel of what is going on through them.

Miller tells a well crafted story here. These are not just stupid animals but intelligent creatures. But like man the they have their faults.  Also each group has the own hidden agenda. Each group is fighting against each other but a small group is trying to save Mowglii.  They believe Mowglii is right and that they must band together for good of the island. Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 9.21.36 PM

The art work of Michele  Bandini is great. Very few panels have the character stand still. Panels are full of motion and never seems to slow down.  The panel lay out is great and really helps tell the story. This is some of the best art work I have seen in a Zenescope title.  Miller and Bandini also slip in a little humor also.

The only real problem I had with the book was the changing of the font and back ground of the word balloons. I found it hard to read some of the dialogue. I appreciate creating different tone through the font to represent the difference between the species. But this old guy had a hard time reading it.

Book 5 is the climax of this 5 book series and I am hoping that Miller and Bandini keep up the great work.

So in the end I give GFT – The Jungle Book: Fall Of The Wild #4

4 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are meant to be enjoyed not destroyed.