Movie Monday: MERV

Hey Poppers

Today’s short film is “MERV” a short film for Little Dragon Pictures from 2013.

It’s the story of a lonely man in the wasteland world. Merv spends his day as most of us would. Hunting for food and water. His normal day is changed when a signal appears on his radio. The unexpected signal heralds the coming of a stranger.

The story of Merv is a simple but yet entertaining short film. No high end special effects. The only effect in the film is the dirty brown look that the filmmaker gives us.  The only real color in the short is the flower that Merv brings to life. There is not dialogue in the film expect for the yelling Merv does to scare of the stranger.  In the end Merv has to decide either of accept the stranger or carry on his isolated life.



Grimm Tales of Terror #8

Story : Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Steve Yockey

Writer : Steve Yockey

Artwork: Eleonora Carlini

Colors: Rosario Constanzo

Letters: Micah Myers

Edit: Nicole Glade

Production & Design: Christopher Cote, Joi Dariel

GTT#8 is a single issue story centred around the tale of a lonely guy who picks up a scantily clad young hitchhiker, who at first is sweet, innocent and thankful for the ride, though as the journey progresses…….

Actually, make that two tales of lonely guys and hitchhiker, one book ending the other.

I’ll be honest from the start, I didn’t dislike this comic but at the same time, I didn’t find it all that great either. The artwork by Carlini is pretty good. It’s not unique or standout, but it does its job perfectly well. Same goes for the colouring and letter work, although the white text on black background used for one character wasn’t too clear on the digital copy I used for the review. The problem for me was the story. This could really have been a short, maybe 12 page, mini story but was instead stretched out across 22 pages with some of those containing what I felt to be just filler panels to help pad it out. All the filler content managed to do was leave me bored waiting for something to happen.

As my first foray into these self contained, single issue, stories of the Grimm Tales of Terror series, I’m unfortunately left unimpressed. I’m sure that other issues in this run have been or will be better, but I’m sorry to say that this one has left me un-eager to find out.