Vampire Theme.

The Game Huntress

Never fear Movie Adventures has come back once more and with changes again. Don’t worry it’s not that bad, but due to life getting in the way, Robyn and I have decided to cut it down to one movie a piece instead of two! Lets not waste any more time and jump right into it!

We are always looking for ideas for Topics so please send them my way and maybe you’ll see your theme on this here old blog! And Maybe you’ll get to write a little bit about what movie you watched anyone is free to join in on the Movie Adventure there’s plenty to go around!

Robyn’s Pick
Interview with the Vampire

For a movie that is based off a book, it follows along quite well. Normally these kinds of movies diverge a bit with things that weren’t even in the books, but other than a…

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Movie Monday: Closer

Hey Poppers

I have another fine independent short film for you and it is one fun and well done piece of film.

Luke and Sarah are out in the woods planning a nice night out under the stars. Luke is idea of great night is trying to get into Sarah’s pants. But not this night. Two unexpected guest will ruin their night. Luke is in for a surprise that will change his out look on his place in the universe.

This short film was directed by Angelo Licata and written by Angelo Licata, Roberto Pretti, Andrea Languasco,

I really enjoyed this short. It has some fantastic effects. Also the film at times does not take it self to serious. A proves that men are men no matter the situation.