The Changing Role of Woman In Comics

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In a recent article by Sam LeBas (@comicsonice) and Will Brooker (@willbrooker) about the sexism in comics at Talking Comics.  The article  talks about how sexism is still present and woman still have to struggle for their place in the comics industry. But with the percentage of woman readers hitting a high of 46.67% according to Market research more and more woman are enjoying comics.  Also with superhero and comic properties showing up all over the place from movies, TV, clothing and video games and trying to capture a larger audience. Woman will becoming more and more interested in the world of comics may decide to enter the comic book world.

The is a really great article and if you feel the same way as I do. That no matter the sex of the writer and/or artist it is a good story and art the a real comic fan wants. Not who rights or draws the book.

Please go over to Talking Comics and have a read.

Source: Talking Comics

Movie Monday:The Night of the Doctor: A Mini Episode – Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor Prequel

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Okay so I know this has been seen by many a Doctor Who fan and it is nothing new but I just love this.

This mini episode was do as a link between the 8th Doctor portrayed by Paul McGann and the war Doctor portrayed by John Hurt. If you are a fan of the series then you know that back in 1996 a movie was made with the hopes of the series starting up again but it failed. But with this mini episode Paul McGann once again had a chance to reprise his role as the Doctor. I have to say that after I viewed this I long to see more of Paul McGann as the Doctor Who. We as fans really missed out on his adventures.

So if your a fan or not just enjoy, eh!