Thank Batman My Shows Are Back

Hey Poppers,

It was a rough few weeks, let me tell you. Sit on down, let me tell you the tale…

Here is a really awesome chair to sit in
Here is a really awesome chair to sit in

So, there I was in ignorant bliss. Watching Oliver, Barry and The Doctor, week to week. When suddenly, it all came to a crashing halt! All these shows went on break. And where was I to turn? Game of Thrones isn’t even close to being on. And apparently Star Trek TNG ended in 1994! So, I guess no new episodes there. But I wasn’t about to let that get me down. I got four new books for Christmas, so I took to reading. I dug out my N64 and started Link on yet another adventure. I sat down one day and watched four Batman movies with my son. But I could still feel an emptiness. I hole in my heart, put there by a lightning bolt, an arrow and a screwdriver.

sad matt

As I sat and waited for the 20th of January I knew The Doctor would not be back, but that was okay. Two outta three ain’t bad. That’s a saying right? Although the grammar makes English teachers cringe. Anyhow, I waited and waited, and you know what? Eventually the day came.

It's like Christmas morning!!
It’s like Christmas morning!!

So anyway, there I was, January 20th, The Flash was back on! People were rejoicing in the streets, enemies became friends, and I swear, for a second, we saw a red blur blast through town. As I sat down to watch the program, I thought, what’s one more day? I can make this a double feature, get back into my shows with a bang. And ladies and gentlemen, that’s exactly what I did. The next night I sat down and watched back to back, The Flash and Arrow. It was amazing, tears were shed, and nerdgasms were had. Now I’m all back on track. life has evened out, and tomorrow looks a little brighter.

matt happy

So, what should you take from this tale of hardship and woe? It’s this, Arrow and The Flash are shows you should be watching, even if they add to your winter depression when they go on break. Also, The Doctor will come back, he always does.

The End.

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Thanks for stopping in,

J.W. Coughlan