Over a 100 Star Wars Variants? WTF?

Marvel you whore.

Bleeding Cool  is reporting that there maybe up to 100 or more different variant cover coming out for the launch of the new Star Wars comic being relaunched by Marvel. The have stated on their site that have been able to identify 64 different covers.

Most of these special variants will be going to dealers that order 3000 of more of the book. Other sites are reporting that even more maybe found if you include signed and sketch covers.

WTF Marvel are you trying to flood the market again and put the industry into another crash like back in the 90’s. Along with DC and sometimes the other small company’s the market is getting flooded. If you are hoping to attach new reader and collectors your not doing it. It is getting harder and harder to get the same number of books the average Joe can get.

Just print a few variants and try doing some good original stories to sell your books

Source: Bleeding Cool