New Year New Look

Hey Poppers

Well this it the start of my third year doing my blog. So a new year and a new look to keep things fresh. I hope you like the new page. I know I do. Looks more professional and up to date.   I have to be dam honest I am amazed that I have keep up with it. More times then not I eventually get bored move on to something else.  I will not lie but at times I have not wanted to do anything at all with the blog. In reality those days are far and few between. I may not post articles myself but I do try and pass on some news from the world of pop culture. I have that  people contribute to my pages when they can and I thank them for taking the time to write for my blog.

Thank you guys.

To all the people that have taken the time to follow my blog and still continue to do so, a real big thank you. I know there are many blogs, sites that report the same things I do and you have your pick of them. In reality most blogs and sites are just reporting the same thing as most other sites and yes, I fall into that trap also. You taking the time to follow is awesome and I really do appreciate you doing so. I hope to publish more original articles to go along with other highly reported pop culture news.  So…….

Thank You.

I hope I can keep growing and keep you entertained.




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