Movie Monday: Time Trap

Hey all and welcome back. Today’s short film is Time Trap.

Time Trap is from Australian director Michael Shanks. Time Trap is the story a lone traveler that crashes on Earth, now a dead world. Using a device that allows his to open time bubbles he looks for parts to repair his crashed ship.

I love this short from the start. The visuals from the open title reminded me of the opening credits if films of the 80’s. The main character looks to me as a mix of a cartoon and 1950 style robots. The effects are great in this short even with the suit worn by our lead which have a simple style to it. Also the film has some very good humorous moments in it.

So take a few minutes and have a look. I am sure you will like this short.

If you like this short film check out more of Michael Shanks work on his YouTube page, timtimfeed

Source: YouTube, Twitchfilm

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