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However you wanna put it, we love it!

Hey Poppers,

It’s been a while since I posted, I have been very busy, procrastinating over the sequel to my book. There’s a link to my first book right there on the left, see it? Go ahead buy a copy, it’s set in Canada, Canada is cool, trust me.

I wanted to do a blog post about something HUGE in the nerd world. Music. The theme songs we know and love, that get our blood pumping, that bring us back to wherever we were the first time words floated through space, or when Gandalf rode into The Shire.

So many characters we know and love have their own scores. And it’s always been that way. Now, if you are at work, pretending to do something, I want you to log onto Songza and search Epic Film Scores. This will immediately transform whatever boring thing your boss is making you do into an amazing adventure through space, a fantastical battle of the ages or send you soaring over cities saving the innocent from evil.

Now, before we go too crazy, let’s just name some big names. JOHN WILLIAMS. This guy, woooo. He is like, the man. Scratch that, he is the man. I mean come on! JAWS! SUPERMAN! STAR WARS! E.T. ! HARRY POTTER!!! This guy composed the most epic music we know and love people!!! Whether you were gazing upon Hogwarts or running from dinosaurs, this guy was there, flooding your ears with epic notes. I LOVE JOHN WILLIAMS. He is so cool, he is the greatest. He made nerd culture so much better with his epic class of epicness.


Alright, now that I’m done nerding out about Johnny W. I will move on. Hans Zimmer. Now he has a long list of kick as tracks, Lion King, Gladiator, Last Samurai. But all you need to know is……. BATMAN. Nolan’s to be more specific. Hans got to compose the tracks the Bale wore his cape to, which in itself is a lifetime achievement.


Howard Shore is the next one I would like to touch base on. Now, he has a long impressive resume. But he is the man behind LOTR, that’s right, the fellowship, ringers. The Lord of the Rings music is a wonder in itself. From cute jaunty tunes as we dance around The Shire, to booming epic horns blown as battle breaks out for miles, this man put together one of the greatest soundtracks ever. Nice.


You know, they say half of what you see is what you hear, so just stop and think how much nerd culture you’ve seen. Yeah, that’s a buttload of music back there. As I have stated previously, my number one fandom, Avatar The Last Airbender has incredible music. Jeremy Zuckerman is a genius! A beautiful musical genius! The music behind this beautiful show could bring a tear to a cowboy’s eye. And don’t even get me started on Legend of Korra. He used a damn Erhu people!


And speaking of good ol’ TV shows. Arrow and The Flash have an incredible composer as well. His name is Blake Neely. The music in these shows can be anything from dark and creepy to epic and uplifting. I’ve said epic a lot this entry. I’m going to read this after I post it and everytime the word epic comes along I’m going to take a shot. K, anyway, yes, Arrow and Flash. The music is awesome, who could forget Barry’s theme in his double Arrow episodes, before he became The Flash, chills people, I had chills.


I love all the iconic songs there have been through the ages, the Superman theme, Mario Bros. theme, all music out of Legend of Zelda. I love the Star Wars theme, I love the music of Doctor Who. I love shouting dun dun duh duh dun dun, when Captain Jack Sparrow sets sail. I love it all. Because music is the great connector the world has, and it has connected so many within nerd culture. Yeah.

So as usual, I feel like I’m just getting going on a blog, but I already feel like I’m out of ideas. Oooo I know, I’ll use some skills I learned in school, here this is coming at you from my essay days.

In conclusion, (pretty good hey), I would like to point out that music is super kick ass. People like Jeremy Zuckerman and John Williams make sure of that. Whether it’s the Imperial March or Catwoman’s theme, music can sure help a scene pull you to the edge of your seat or push you back into it.

Till next time

I’m J.W. Coughlan

Movie Monday: Time Trap

Hey all and welcome back. Today’s short film is Time Trap.

Time Trap is from Australian director Michael Shanks. Time Trap is the story a lone traveler that crashes on Earth, now a dead world. Using a device that allows his to open time bubbles he looks for parts to repair his crashed ship.

I love this short from the start. The visuals from the open title reminded me of the opening credits if films of the 80’s. The main character looks to me as a mix of a cartoon and 1950 style robots. The effects are great in this short even with the suit worn by our lead which have a simple style to it. Also the film has some very good humorous moments in it.

So take a few minutes and have a look. I am sure you will like this short.

If you like this short film check out more of Michael Shanks work on his YouTube page, timtimfeed

Source: YouTube, Twitchfilm