Comic Review: Fairy Quest Outcasts

FQ-Outcasts01Fairy Quest Outcasts #1

Story: Paul Jenkins

Art: Humberto Ramos

Color: Leonardo Olea

Lettering: Jim Campbell

Welcome to another adaption of the Grimm Fairy Tale world.  This time around the characters are not playing around by the rules set up by Mister Grimm. Characters created by Mister Grimm are now showing free will and rewriting stories. This is not to be permitted and Grimm sets out to stop the discontents with the use of the Think Police.

The leader and main focus of the hunt is a little girl in a red hood and a big black wolf. Now if I have to tell you who these two are then dam brother get out and read some other books. Red and wolf are trying to get to get to see the Map Maker. Now I am not sure the reason that Red and Woofy need to see the Map Maker. Then again I do miss things. But after running into Punzel. A girl that has been in a tower to long and like most people that have been locked away to long, has lost a few cookies from the cookie jar. Also our heroes meet a lovable troll and have to bribe him to let them across a bridge.

Fairy Quest Outcast is a 2 book series that is fun to read. Writer Paul Jenkins takes a different twist with some of the better known characters. Told to a young child by his mother at bed time, Jenkins uses what to me is a mother board with telling the same old story and giving it a little twist. There is humor and action both well done by Paul Jenkins.

The art work of Humberto Ramos(The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man) is animated with aspects of Anime. It reminds me of art found in a child’s book but with more flare. Large hands, big eye and looking like the body is not in right. Disney drawings but without the big mouse looking over his shoulder. The coloring and lettering also done well by Lenardo Olea and Jim Campbell respectively.FairyGoofy

So in the end boy and girls I like this book and look forward to book 2

I give Fairy Quest Outcast 4 out of 5 pops

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke


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