Comic Review: Under The Flesh #2

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 6.58.21 PMUnder The Flesh #2

Publisher: Escape Comics

Created & Written by G. Deltres

Illustrated & Lettered by J. L. Giles

I was lucky to get a copy of Under The Flesh #1 a while back from the team of G. Deltres and J. L. Giles and I really enjoyed the book. I am happy to say that once again I was fortunate to get a copy of book #2 and thank you guys.

The guys are back on Kickstarter and looking for help to get book #2 published. This is one book that I am happy to help and give my money to.

Book #2 picks ups just after Ruben’s girlfriend, Dinah runs off after a fit of jealousy. Ruben is determined to go after her and to make sure he does not lose his machete he tapes it to his hand. Hey a smart idea if don’t need to grab things with do hands! A some what humorous moment Ruben stops to confess to a zombie priest. Forgive me father for bashing your skull in.

Along the way to find Dinah, Ruben comes across a group of zombies. They tear at his flesh but with help of the nanites in his system he heals at a amazing rate. To quote Ruben, Hooah!  During his battle with the group Ruben comes to realize the this group is different. They have not turned into your normal walking dead. If you know anything  of the movie,  28 Days Later then have a idea of what they have become. More crazed killing machines then zombies.

Using his machete like a Jedi Master with a light sabre, Ruben slices and dices his way thru the horde until for some reason they stop and leave. At this point we see a small group of men on a roof top, watching. What be up with that?

Once again the team of  G. Deltres and J. L. Giles have crafted a good read here.  You can see that Deltres is a fan of zombies in all their in carnations. You can see so many he has pulled from to created this adventure. The mix makes for a very exciting read. The art work by Giles works so well with this type of book. The art is not clean and crisp as you would see in many of the main stream books from DC and Marvel and it works oh so well here. It makes the feel of the dark and dirty world work so much better.

I there more going on in this book, hell yeah. But I would spoil it for you if I told you all of it. I recommend you find book 1 of this (hopefully) series. It is a good read and if you like it be sure to check out the Kickstarter page. You can find a link to it on the main page of this blog.

So in the end I give Under The Flesh #2 4.5 out of 5 pops.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


The Trailer Park: Jurassic World – Official Trailer

Hey Poppers it is Trailer Park time.

The first official trailer for the new Jurassic movie is up and it is looking like another fun time at the theater. This time around guess what those big brain scientist have decided to do? How about splicing together the DNA of a  couple of dinosaurs and see what happens. Well I be you can. People getting eaten and heroes born.  Colin Trevorrow directs this action-adventure from a screenplay he wrote with Derek Connolly. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley join the team as producers.

Starring Chris Pratt, Judy Greer, Bryce Dallas Howard and a punch of dinosaur snacks.

Source: YouTube

Movie Monday: Phoenix9

Welcome again to another Movie Monday

Today’s short film is Phoenix9. Phoenix9 takes place in a post global nuclear war world. The earth is a waste land and a group of survivors a heading west to a col0ney where there is hope. The group finds shelter from a storm in a secret installation, a nuclear fallout shelter. But like all things that seem to be true, there is always a catch.

Phoenix9 comes for the German team of Amir Reichart(director & editor) and Peer Gopfrich (writer & producer) and based on a feature screenplay by Peer Gopfrich. This is another fine example of some of great work being done independent artists. So take a look and I am sure you will enjoy this production.


Source: CGBros



GFT: Masumi- Blades of Sin Issue 4

Masumi_04 pic

GFT: Masumi- Blades of Sin Issue 4

Story: Pat Shand, Joe Brusha, Ralph Tadesco

Writer: Joe Tyler

Art: Sergio Osuna

Colours: Francesca Zambon

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Pat Shand

Hey Popppers,

What is goin’ down in funky town? This is J.W. Coughlan coming at you with another raving review.

So yet again, I did not read the first three books, but fear not, Zenescope gave me the run down. Now, I did enjoy this comic. It was a cool… how can I say this, cross-dimensional supernatural ghostly kung fu samurai magic horror story. Is that a good run down? Maybe not, but it’s all I got.

The frame work and layout of this comic was EXCELLENT. I mean really phenomenal. It made the comic very exciting and enjoyable. The different use of frame shapes and size was ever changing, and gave the book an almost cinematic feel. One great scene for frame use was the elevator scene. It had me on the edge of my seat.

As for the story, it was solid. A great idea matched with strong characters was quite nice to read. I really liked the ghosts. The way they were presented was excellent.

Another point I would like to touch on would be the main fight scene of the book. It was like Star Wars meets Eona. One of those things you see in nerd culture where it could be past or future.

The ending was uplifting, yet anticlimactic. I found, although this was a strong comic, the ending was a bit abrupt, and felt a bit rushed. They could have just making me want more, but that’s not really how it came across.

Now based on all that (hopefully I didn’t give too much away) I am going to give this comic…. Drum roll please…

3 ½ pops out of 5

I liked this book and the idea of the story, matched with cool characters, but for me the ending sullied it a little.

Thanks for dropping in, until next time

J.W. Coughlan