News Flash: Things you can’t outrun

The Game Huntress

A round of applause to another well done episode of The Flash, and It still has me by my boot straps! I honestly keep trying to figure out Dr. Wells end game but unfortunately thus far I don’t see it but that’s alright wouldn’t be a good televisions show if they just blurted it out for all to see.

Another thing that has been on my mind, How old Is Iris’s boy toy? Isn’t he like Joe’s age? (Iris’s father) Can I be the only one who is thinking about this? I mean he doesn’t look too old but he doesn’t look young either. Shake my head.

imagesL0SG13QZIt’s the battle of Lighting vs Gas! Who is going to come out on top? My bets with Lightning aka The Flash. Barry is still learning his abilities but I find myself waiting for him to rely less on the Star Lab techs help and work things himself and…

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