One Geekified Interview: Dan

The Game Huntress

Good morning everyone, its time for another awesome round of Geekified Interviews! Please contain your excitement! Before we jump right on into another fun-filled interview I wanted to take a quick moment to ask everyone to help me reach 4,000 views by the end of this year! I have only been running this site for almost 2 years now and I have really come to love my blog and all of my readers. I am way above my view count at year 2 I wanted to reach 2,000 but I have already cleared that 3,000 gap this year, so I would love your help to get that number higher for year 3! Thank you so much for all that you do whether its help spread the word for me or just read and enjoy my site. Now let’s get into that interview as promised!

Please give a warm welcome to my twitter friend…

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