News Flash: Fastest Man Alive

The Game Huntress

The-Flash-The-CW-OctoberHello Comic book fans welcome back to the newsroom! I just finished watching episode 2 of The Flash and boy am I still in love with what the CW is doing with this comic book superhero. Now I may not know much about the lore behind The Flash and Barry Allen but what I do know is that this show is one of the best I have seen In a long time, I also just finished season 2 and the first two episodes of season two of arrow and boy am I really impressed with the CW and the work that they are doing with both of these shows. Wish they would stop making me cry so much damn!

The pilot knocked my socks off as I previously stated in the pilot of this blog series! Episode two did the same exact thing if not maybe even more than before. I really like…

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