Famous Geeks: Real or Not?

Like in the real world you are guilty until you  are proven innocent or in the world of geeks, you are not a geek because your famous.
Yes I know that you are to innocent until proven guilty but you know that now a days it is the other way around. That line of thinking has become the norm in every aspect of life.
Now it has come or already has invaded the geek culture.

I have listen to a few podcasts and I have heard of the loathing of two people that I do have a great respect for, Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick. Now I don’t deny that these podcasters have the right to disagree or not like either of these men. My problem is with them calling fake geeks simple because they now make a living in being geeks. If you are a geek or follow pop culture you can see and hear these two gentlemen all over the place. Maybe the one thing that pisses people off is that Kevin and Chris are all over the place. Both men have created a empire from what they love. They have created their empires from hard work. Both are in the entertainment industry and because of that you will see them at all the events that center around the pop culture. Kevin with his podcasting empire and movies. Chris with his Nerdist empire, TV work and hosting panels at numerous Cons. Both men have that light hearted attitude that comes across in everything they do. Does this upset people?

Now what is that makes people hate these men? Is it there work? Is it their attitude? Is it that their faces can be seen everywhere? Is it when asked they have a opinion? Remember someone has to ask the question for it to be answered. Is it that they have be able to do what we all want. Do something they love and make a living. I am sure it is some or all of the above or so many more reason these hater have created. But you can NOT deny that they have worked hard, in the right place at the right time. Said yes where others have said no. That they act on their ideas and make them happen. They have been able to use their contacts to see, attend, interview people, host, comment on the world of Pop Culture that we would love to have. You hate them for that. Jealous? The haters believe that these two gentlemen are just jumping on the band wagon of the growing, expanding world of Pop Culture.

Well I believe that it comes down to just hating. Haters have no real prove. Only their hate for Chris and Kevin is what they need for prove. Okay fine you hate them. Haters where is you prove? Do you have any hard evidence that Chris and Kevin are not geeks. No. Do I have any evidence that they are what they say. No. But I do not and will not call them fake or phoney because they have be able to do what they do. How many people out their are just on the band wagon. Should be care? No, really we should not. These fakes help keep the cons, shows, movies alive for us that have lived in this culture since our youth. Kevin and Chris are both children of the growing Pop Culture of the 80’s and 90’s. They made the hard choice to do what they loved and not simply settle for less. So many of us would love to do that also. Podcasting and the internet have allowed more and more geeks to come out and express their thoughts on Geekdom. I am 52 and have only recently just started podcasting and this blog. Am I a fake? Am I jumping on the band wagon? You may think so because simply you know nothing about me and since you don’t you will think I am a fake.

I wanted to believe that the Geek/Nerd culture would be the one place where those of us the felt attacked, teased, beat up and hide in the basement would feel safe. But it seems that no it is not. The Geek/Nerds out there have decided to be like most humans and carry on the hate. We what the power back that was taken from us and instead showing compassion we use that power to do what was done to us.

Sad. Really sad.

John G M Burke

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