Comic Review: Bad Kitty

TNBadKittyOneShotCovRafaelBad Kitty: One Shot

Publisher: Dynamite/Chaos

Writer: Jay Spence

Artist: Carlos Rafael

Colors: Marcelo Pinto

Letters: Marshall Dillon

Ok before I start, Marshall Dillon!?. If you know anything about TV history the name is famous. Look it up. Well is you lazy it would be from Gunsmoke.

Now on with the review.

The book starts out with the introduction of our protagonist, Kathrine. Kathrine seems to be your regular nice little girl with a small problem. Kathrine has a split personality and that other person, Kitty is not a very nice person. We see this in one panel as Kitty smashes a toy car into the face of a boy she is playing with. Bad Kitty.

After years of doctors and medication Katherine has managed to keep Kitty from making appearances. Katherine has become a police detective. Katherine and her partner, big cop with mustache are looking for Domiko(the bad guy). Well they are getting to close, car goes BOOM with Katherine inside and we cut to the hospital. Guess who comes back? If you guess it Kitty, give yourself a cookie.

Now Kitty is pissed and why is she pissed? Because who ever dropped those hand grenades on her car messed up her hair. That is right folks don’t F up her hair because Kitty has access to guns. That ladies and gents it where I am  going to leave it. You want to know what happens go and get the book. Do it. I think you will like it.

The story by Jay Spence is well done and would fit well into the TV movie of the week if they still did that. Maybe on Syfy except with out any dam sharks. Is this out of the world writing, no. But for a one shot story it is quick to set up and has action is fast and violent. The book does play out like a TV special with the hopes of becoming a regular series. That is the problem. One shot means a self contained story. A start, middle and a end. Bad Kitty does not deliver on the ending. I really think that Jay and/or artist Carlos Rafael are hoping for a pick up.

The art work by Carlos Rafael is good. It does have the look of a artist from South America or Europe. I like his style even though it is not my regular flavor. I could get use to seeing his stuff more often. Yes Katherine does have cat like eyes. Who know we may see more of this Kat?

So in the end I give Bad Kitty a 3.95 pops out of 5.

Remember comics are to be enjoyed. Not destroyed.


John G M Burke

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