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The Game Huntress

 Hello Everybody! I was unable to make it to the computer yesterday, did anyone even notice? The reason I missed a day was because I had a family member end up in the hospital due to medical reasons so we spent about two and a half hours at the hospital with her, then I came home and had to go watch my nephew play for their playoff spot He won just to let you know! Way to go Sandcreek Junior High!

Now remember a few blogs back I mentioned that I was on a guest spot on a podcast called ZeroFortitude (you might remember Mike from an interview I did a while back!) Well anyways the show hit the internet here. (Episode 144) Enjoy. However I did get kicked off due to Skype hating me WAHH!! Like usual. **grumble grumble**
Now to your regular scheduled blog post. Are you ready for…

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Cosplay Thursday

Welcome back to another Cosplay Thursday.

Once again I bring you and I hope you enjoy these Cosplayers and there work. The woman in the DeathStar dress was at this years Edmonton Expo. In the next couple of weeks I hope to bring you some of the great and awesome creations at the Expo in 2014.


Source: Cosplay Facebook